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Railyard Products

DA10-SM: Switch Machine

Interchange for DA10

DA-10 Switch Machines have been around for several decades with only minor updates, 
primarily in the solenoid valve configuration. EDCO USA® took a fresh approach to the overall 
design in order to create an entirely new direct interchange switch machine that would meet 
performance requirements while using modern material and construction methods.


For exceptional reliability, rugged, hand-lapped, bronze slide valves on hardened, stainless 
steel seats are used for both main and pilot valves which have been tested down to -65° F. 


Model DA10-SM provides a drop-in interchange for DA-10 Switch Machines, ready to install 
once removed from the shipping crate

Design Improvements

- lighter weight (54 lbs)

- longer life

- greater durability

- simplified repair
- readily available repair parts
- rugged construction

Features & Benefits

- Unique valve configuration employs 4-way, hand-lapped slide valves for solenoid pilot valve and the main control valve.
- Mounting Base use DA10 footprint for drop-in interchange.
- Shear key maintains positive alignment of rear head and base.
- Hardcoat Anodized aluminum cyinder tube provides low-friction wear-resistance.
- Air-Filter can be serviced by removing one screw to obtain bowl clearance.
- 40 Micron Air-Filter
- 1/2” NPTF Air-Supply -- Connect to clean, dry air-supply.
- Push-Button Manual Over-ride (qty 2) -- Push and hold to manually shift valve.
- DC Solenoid Valve (qty 2) -- Valve Connector, 3-Pin, LED Signal w/ Reverse Polarity Protection 5m Cable Length for Junction Connection

PRC: Pneumatic Retarder Control

Benefits & Features

- bottom-hinged, gasketed cover with ratcheting stays

- flat deck with easy access to all components

- cover, deck, and optional stand are constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel

- two transducer ports for monitoring retarder and air-supply pressures

- gauge ports for monitoring air-supply, pilot air-supply, and retarder pressures

- solenoid pilot valves and cartridge valves exhaust outside gasketed cover

- all three pipes used for faster fill reserving one pipe for auxiliary exhaust is not required