VG & VQ Series Pumps

EDCO VG-Series and VQ-Series pumps have different bodies to make them directly interchangeable with competitors' pumps but utilize the same ejector nozzle so performance is the same regardless of body style. These multi-stage vacuum pumps are designed as direct physical replacements for competitive brandpumps and consistently provide equal or better performance. Customers who were previously limited to a sole source for pumps of this style will now have the option of using higher-quality, all metal EDCO pumps.

VG-Series and VQ-Series multi-stage pumps are designed as a drop-in interchange for similarly shaped competitors' pumps, but the similarities end there. Our all-metal pumps feature externally removable, one-piece valves and one-piece, fully machined aluminum bodies to eliminate loose parts and are manufactured in-house on precision CNC machines to the highest quality standards.

EDCO pumps produce consistently higher performance because of our precision-machined brass nozzles and one-piece valve with over 3X the flow area of competitive designs provides improved vacuum flow and increased ability to pass ingested debris. EDCO quality control inspectors individually test each and every product before shipment to assure that catalog specifications are met.

An option exclusive to EDCO is an integral solenoid control valve to control on/off which reduces plumbing complexity, fitting costs, and labor as well as increase system reliability by eliminating potential leak points. The solenoid valve is shipped assembled to the pump in the normally-closed (not-passing) mode but can be easily changed to normally-open (passing) by simply inverting the valve whenever the application requires it.

Instead of gang-mounting multiple VG-Series and VQ-Series pumps to a manifold to obtain a higher flow capacity pump, EDCO offers larger multi-stage pumps in Classic Series (3/4" port) or Dual-Base Classic Series (1-1/2" port) pumps that are much more compact and easier to maintain.

Competitive catalog data can be misleading, so we highly recommend that you test and validate our pump performance in your system or contact us so we can provide you with actual comparative test results for competitive pumps. EDCO publishes both large performance graphs and tabulated data to provide accurate tools for system designers. Please contact us for application assistance or for any product questions. EDCO products are designed and manufactured in the USA so we know both their capabilities and limitations. Of course, 3D CAD models are available and most can be downloaded from our website.

EDCO can provide private labeling for OEM customers at no extra charge for those who request it. All that is needed is a DXF or Illustrator file of your log, part number, and any additional information desired. An initial order of at least five pumps is required but future orders can be any quantity. The laser-engraved white logo and company details will stand out in sharp contrast to the black anodized pump body.

Pump Styles