The Vacustat is the basis for energy-saver controls and is used with any suitable vacuum pump in conjuction with a Vacuum Check Valve. Vacuum pumps that are equipped with an integral non-return valve or a vacuum pump and external Vacuum Check Valve suach as VC18 fit the requirements for a Vacustat control. As always, energy-saver controls can only be used in leak-free systems and some provision must be made to dissipate the checked vacuum and release the work piece when desired.

VU-18F is an adjustable vacuum controlled 2/2 valve that supplies compressed air to the vacuum pump whenever system vacuum level is shallower than the Vacustat set point. When the set point is achieved, the Vacustat shuts off the pump air supply until system vacuum level requires replenishment.


Weight: 0.23 lb (102 g)


Vacustat mounted on a J-Series Pump with a non-return valve.

Vacustat mounted on an AX-Style pump with a non-return valve.

Fittings and vacuum pump not included.