Vacuum Check Valves

The Vacuum Check Valve is designed to prevent the reverse flow of ambient air into a vacuum system. Vacuum Check Valves are used to hold vacuum downstream whenever the vacuum source is removed or lost. Internally, a normally closed valve allows vacuum flow in the pump direction but seals off when vacuum flow ceases. When a Vacuum Check Valve is used in a system, some provision must be made to release the trapped vacuum in order to release the work piece. The RC18A and RC18-040A Release Check Valves are designed for this purpose.

One application for the Vacuum Check Valves is for energy saver circuits using a vacuum storage tank to accumulate and store vacuum for high-volume, short duration flow rate requirements.

More commonly, a Vacuum Check Valve with Release Check Valve would be used with a single vacuum cup so a non-porous, high value work piece would not be immediately dropped if the system's vacuum source is lost.


The VC18 should be used with cup diameters of 50 mm and smaller.

Weight: .15 lbs (68 g)


The VC12 should be used with cup diameters of 75 mm and larger that are available with G 1/2" NPS female fittings.

Weight: .19 lbs (86 g)