Miscellaneous Cup Fittings & Accessories

Metric Bushings

Sheet Separator

Used to warp the edges of sheet goods to promote separation from the next sheet in a stack. As vacuum is applied to the suctoin cup, the suction cup pulls the sheet against a crowned brass center post and warps it sligh34ly to produce a small air passage under the sheet edge which facillitates sheet seperation. One separator per corner is recommended. Depending on the size and thickness of sheet material, more may be required. The degree of the warp can be adjusted by changing the projection distance of the center post from the cup cleats or the amount of vacuum applied to the suction cup. A 150mm size cup produces a very large force and should only be used with thicker materials to prevent marking of the product.

Side Vacuum Port Fitting

For use with 75-12F, 110-12F & 150-12F fittings.

T-Slot Adaptors

Tool Mount Accessories