EMAT Arm Features

Improved technology provides greater arm positional security.

1.) A spherical nut nests into a spherical pocket to eliminate misalignment and reultant stress concentration that can cause joints to loosen.

2.) A larger hex wrench socket allows greater torque to be applied.

3.) A nut and stud configuration more efficiently translates tightening torque into stud tension than does a long cap screw where much of the torque is absorbed by twisting of the long screw shank.

4.) Clamp jaws are relieved to form flexible hinges to greatly reduce the spring-back effect significantly increasing the available clamp force.

5.) Segmented clamp jaws provide a secure tri-arc grip superior to weaker grip produced by the two-point-contact grip of competitive units.

6.) Hardened spacers having raised radial micro-teeth are installed at both ends of the arm extension rod to mechanically interlock the arm components providing rotational resistance and positional security.

7.) A larger pin retainer diameter positions the stud farther from the clamp centerline and the increased leverage produces a higher clamping force.