Dual Base ER Pumps

Piloted Supply

Miniature DER-series pumps provide full control features in a very compact package. These lightweight pumps can be mounted near the point of vacuum usage to eliminate long vacuum lines and improve system response. DER pumps are available with either one or two coaxial ejectors to match pump performance to system requirements. Quick-release air is controlled via integral flow control valves so blow intensity can be fine-tuned for delicate ligthweight parts. Includes 1/8 vacuum ports to take advantage of the high vacuum flow produced by coaxial ejectors that are designed to handle porous materials at mid-range vacuum levels. An optional non-return valve is available for use in sealed, non-porous systems.

Select from numerous standard options to configure a DER pump to suit your specific application requirements.

How To Order

Weight: 4.1 oz. (117g)