Vacuum Cups

Suction Cup Comparison

Suction cup is the usual industrial term for a vacuum cup. Most cups are round because that is a strong shape that resists collapse under vacuum pressure and it efficiently distributes load forces through the cup walls to the fitting. A circular shape also provides the greatest area for the amount of space it occupies. Industrial cups usually employ a metal fitting for mounting the cup and for connecting a vacuum source to allow the inner volume to be evacuated.

Suction cups are made of rubber and include a flared lip to form a flexible seal against a work piece to allow the cup to be evacuated with a vacuum pump. Several cups can be connected to a central pump, or, a small vacuum pump can be used for each cup.

EDCO USA vacuum cup rubber is specially formulated to be non-marking and no mold release agent is used in the manufacturing process to eliminate surface residue. Vacuum cups in other compounds may be special ordered in quantities as low as 100 pieces.

Competition: 2-Piece Fitting

The full load must be carried by a thin section of the cup which stretches and
recuces cup capability. Overstressing causes the rubber to fatigue and crack.

Competition: 1-Piece Fitting

In addition to the problem of the 2-Piece fitting, the small fitting flange poorly
distributes load to rubber and pull-out can occur unless a strengthening ring is used.

EDCO USA: 1-Piece Fitting

The EDCO flange has 2-1/2 times the area of the competitor's flange.
Load is evenly distributed to a reinforced cup top for lower strees, longer
life and increased stability.

Vacuum Cup Styles