Vacuum Cups

Elastomer Properties

Elastomer Selection

If the cup will be exposed to oil or chemicals, select the most compatible rubber material.

Ameriflex (A)

For general-purpose, normal ambient temperature applications as a replacement for competitors' PVC vinyl cups.

Duramax (D)

Softer, non-staining, non-marking, general-purpose material for high-visibility surfaces at normal ambient temperature.

Nitrile (N)

For general-purpose, normal ambient temperature applications.

Silicone (S)

For either low or high temperature-applications or where greater flexibility will improve conformance to a part.

Conductive Silicone (CS)

For grouding parts such as electronic chips to eliminate static electricity.

Viton (V)

For extremly high-temperature applications in automotive, appliance or other applications where silicone is not allowed.

Note: The terms non-staining and non-marking refer only to the cup material. Airborne aerosols that attach to the cup surface or direct cup contact with dirty surfaces can result in residue transfer marks. Proper maintenance is important. Use denatured alcohol to wipe cups clean after instalation and periodicallly afterward to remove airborne contaminants.