2SB24D Clasic Pump

Solenoid Supply & Blow-off

The pump base contains two pilot operated 3-way air valves that provide full pump contorl via two solenoid pilot valves. With a constant air supply to the pump base, one solenoid valve controls vacuum pump on/off and the second solenoid valve controls blow-off air to dissipate vacuum for faster system cycle time. Available in any nozzle series (A, E, L, M, ML or X). See chart for available capacities. Pump Style -2SB24D - 24VDC 2.3W solenoid control valves
Pump Style -2SB110A - 120VAC 60 Hz (110VAC 50 Hz) 2.3W solenoid control valves

For normally open: 2OSB24D / 2OSB110A