Chip Pumps

EDCO vacuum Chip pumps were named after electronic circuit chips whose small size and versatility have made modern products more efficient, compact and affordable. Our low-cost Chip pumps will do the same things for your vacuum systems.

Chip pumps provide the performance you expect from a multi-stage, multi-ejector, air powered vacuum pump. To increase pump capacity we simply add another pump module to the assembled stack. Our standard seal and valve elastomer is Nitrile, but we also off Viton and E.P.D.M. seal materials at a reasonable cost. To make our system easier to design and install, we offer non-return valves and direct mounted electronic sensors. We are always open to suggestions for new accessories.

EDCO Chip Pumps are offered with twelve standard base configurations plus a "Z" option for no base at all. This allows a designer complete freedom to integrate a Chip pump module into a propietary assembly. However, it is more common to select an an EDCO vacuum pump having one of the twelve standard bases depending on which one best suits the particular application. EDCO USA will design and manufacture custom bases and pump assemblies for any O.E.M. that has special needs which are not satisfied by our standard products. Just drop us a note with a sketch describing what you need and the annual quantity required. We will do the rest.

We have selected 40% glass-filled Polyphenylene Sulphide (PPS, Ryton) for its extremely high strength, light weight and chemical resistance. The pumo body, ejector nozzles and "A" and "B" bases are all made of PPS to eliminate chemical compatibility problems caused when different materials are used for parts within the same vacuum pump. All other bases are made of anodized aluminum for thos applications requiring maximum ruggedness or a larger capacity vacuum pump. Fasteners are 304 series stainless steel.

When comparing our Chip pumps to "Brand P", please conduct your own tests. We've found their catalog performance data to be grossly exaggerated and innacurate. EDCO Chip pumps will test out the same as, or better than, "Brand P" but we choose to publish accurate and repeatable performance data rather than use sales puffery to describe an already value-filled product.

Pump Styles