Vacuum Cup CAD Files

Click to download .STEP and SolidWorks part files.
Cup material does not change the CAD file.
EDCO makes every effort to make sure all of our CAD files are up to date. Please cross check the part with the current website listing to make sure you have a current model.
If you are unsure, please email and request an up to date model.

Bellows Cups

XP-B5 XP-B8 XP-B10 XP-B15
XP-B20 XP-B30 XP-B40 XP-B50
XP-B65 XP-B75 XP-B110 XP-B150
XP-B250-AQ XP-B250-P    

Double Bellows Cups

XP-2B25 XP-2B35 XP-2B50 XP-2B65

Multi Bellows Cups


Bellows Traction Foot Cups

XP-BF80-38F XP-BF100-38F

Deep Cups

XP-D15 XP-D20 XP-D30 XP-D40

Flat Cups

XP-F15 XP-F20 XP-F25 XP-F30
XP-F40 XP-F50 XP-F65 XP-F75
XP-F110 XP-F150 XP-F240-AQ XP-F240-P

Flat Concave Cups

XP-FC50 XP-FC75-38F XP-FC75-G38M XP-FC100

Oval Cups

OC-60X140 OF-60X140

Universal Cups

XP-U4 XP-U6 XP-U8 XP-U10
XP-U15 XP-U20 XP-U25 XP-U30
XP-U40 XP-U50