Cup Accesories CAD Files

Click to download .STEP and SolidWorks part files.
EDCO makes every effort to make sure all of our CAD files are up to date. Please cross check the part with the current website listing to make sure you have a current model.
If you are unsure, please email and request an up to date model.

Cone Valves

XP-F30-18M-CV XP-F40-18F-CV XP-F50-18F-CV

Dual-Flow Valves

For Dual-Flow Valve assemblies, download the file with the standard cup and fitting here. The public files will be the same.

Flow Sensor Valves

FSV-10 FSV-12 FSV-18 FSVM-18

Mechanical Valves

XP-B40-16X40MV XP-B50-16X40MV XP-B110-12F-MV XP-2B50-16X40MV
XP-F75-12F-MV XP-F110-12F-MV XP-F150-12F-MV  

Release Check Valves & Vacuum Check Valves

RC18A RC18-040A VC12 VC18
VC12-RCA VC12-RC040A VC18-RCA VC18-RC040A

Swivel Joints

SJ18 SJ12 SJ12-18M SJ12-14M

Tri-Flow Valves

32-18FTF 40-18FTF 50-18FTF TF18F-XX

Level Compensators


LC10 LC10-NR LC10X5-10 LC10X20
LC10X30 LC10X50 LC10X50-NR  




LC18 LC18-NR LC18-20 LC18X35
LC18X35-NR LC18X35-20 LC18X50 LC18X50-NR

25 mm Heavy Duty Level Compensators

LC14FX25-14F LC14FX25-38M LC14FX25-12M LC14FX25-G14F
LC14FX25-G14M LC14FX25-G38M LC14FX25-G12M LC38MX25-14F
LC38MX25-38M LC38MX25-12M LC38MX25-G14F LC38MX25-G14M
LC38MX25-G38M LC38MX25-G12M LC12MX25-14F LC12MX25-38M
LC12MX25-12M LC12MX25-G14F LC12MX25-G14M LC12MX25-G38M
LC12MX25-G12M LCG14FX25-14F LCG14FX25-38M LCG14FX25-12M
LCG14FX25-G14F LCG14FX25-G14M LCG14FX25-G38M LCG14FX25-G12M
LCG38MX25-14F LCG38MX25-38M LCG38MX25-12M LCG38MX25-G14F
LCG38MX25-G14M LCG38MX25-G38M LCG38MX25-G12M LCG12MX25-14F
LCG12MX25-38M LCG12MX25-12M LCG12MX25-G14F LCG12MX25-G14M
LCG12MX25-G38M LCG12MX25-G12M    

50 mm Heavy Duty Level Compensators

LC14FX50-14F LC14FX50-38M LC14FX50-12M LC14FX50-G14F
LC14FX50-G14M LC14FX50-G38M LC14FX50-G12M LC38MX50-14F
LC38MX50-38M LC38MX50-12M LC38MX50-G14F LC38MX50-G14M
LC38MX50-G38M LC38MX50-G12M LC12MX50-14F LC12MX50-38M
LC12MX50-12M LC12MX50-G14F LC12MX50-G14M LC12MX50-G38M
LC12MX50-G12M LCG14FX50-14F LCG14FX50-38M LCG14FX50-12M
LCG14FX50-G14F LCG14FX50-G14M LCG14FX50-G38M LCG14FX50-G12M
LCG38MX50-14F LCG38MX50-38M LCG38MX50-12M LCG38MX50-G14F
LCG38MX50-G14M LCG38MX50-G38M LCG38MX50-G12M LCG12MX50-14F
LCG12MX50-38M LCG12MX50-12M LCG12MX50-G14F LCG12MX50-G14M
LCG12MX50-G38M LCG12MX50-G12M    

External Spring Level Compensators

LCEC14X10-14F LCEC14X30-14F LCEC14X50-14F LCEC14X70-14F
LCEC14X10-32 LCEC14X30-32 LCEC14X50-32 LCEC14X70-32
LCEC14X10-40 LCEC14X30-40 LCEC14X50-40 LCEC14X70-40
LCEC14X10-50 LCEC14X30-50 LCEC14X50-50 LCEC14X70-50

Level Compensator Pumps

LCP-10-14X20 LCP-10-14X20NR LCP-10-14X35 LCP-10-14X35NR
LCP-10-14X50 LCP-10-14X50NR