AX Manifold Pumps

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AX Manifold Options

Normally-open (N.O.) Solenoid Valves are used for a constant-on vacuum mode that eliminates the possibility of dropping a part in the event of a power failure. The N.O. solenoid must be energized in order to turn off the vacuum pump and release the part. While this fail-safe mode is effective, it is also wasteful of compressed air so a separate main air supply shut-off valve is recommended for long periods of inactivity.

Non-Return Valves are specified by adding "R" after the basic pump number (AXM1NR). They are used to prevent manifold exhaust-air from flowing into inactive pump segments. Non-return valves must not be used for safety circuits.

For more details about the various manifold pump segment configurations, refer to the corresponding AX catalog page for the F18 series of single-base pumps. Schematic circuits, available vacuum switches, etc. will be the same.

EDCO will need specific, written assembly instructions if a mixed segment-type manifold is required (where all segments are not the same).

Manifold End Plates: Each manifold assembly requires a set of end plates and tie-rods of the correct length as designated by the number of pump segments in the assembly. For example: EN4 would be for a 4-segment assembly with NPT ports. EG6 would be for a 6-segment assembly with BSPP ports. Manifolds can be built with any number of segments between 1 and 10. Both end plates include a 1/4" NPT air supply port and a 1/2" pump exhaust port.

Manifold Silencer Options: Order ST90 for one STB38M silencer and 90° adaptor with jack-screws for orientation of exhaust in any convenient direction. Order 2ST90 whenever the manifold contains 5 or more pump segments. An alternative is to order ST (2ST for 5 or more pump segments) for an STC12M silencer screwed directly into the manifold end plate. However, this will greatly increase the overall size of the assembly (see the Silencers page for more info on sizing).





Solenoid Cables: Order SV10-QD-1M as a separate line item for each solenoid valve.

Vacuum Switch Cables: Refer to the system accessories section for selection of M8 cables which are available in 2M and 5M lengths.

Replacement Parts

Pilot Operated
Cartridge Valve

Vacuum Filter

Solenoid Pilot Valve
1.3W 24VDC
Normally Closed

Solenoid Pilot Valve
0.5W 24VDC
Normally Open