AX - 312 Base

Large Capacity Base

• Modular design includes rugged aluminum base for ease of installation and servicing.
• Three 1/2" pump vacuum ports simplify vacuum system plumbing. Use the most convenient port and plug the rest.
• Low noise level with fast evacuation time.
• Optional vacuum gauge, exhaust, silencer and foot-mount brackets.

How To Order

Weight: 24.3 oz (690 g)

Mounting Brackets

The stainless steel mounting brackets attach at the ends of the base. Straight (AX312-BKT-180) or right angle (AX312-BKT-90) versions are available.

AX312-BKT-180 - 1 Straight Mounting Bracket
AX312-BKT-90 - 1 Right Angle Mounting Bracket


With three vacuum ports, two alternative vacuum ports, three exhaust ports, two air supply ports and available options, the 312 base is very versatile for adaptation into your system to meet your needs.