AX Pumps

EDCO AX multi-stage vacuum pumps provide a wide array of styles and configurations to meet system requirements.

• Modular design allows stacking up to four pump capacities.
• Wide-range ejector nozzles can operate from 45 to 87 psi (3-6 bar).
• Operate at lower air pressure so fluctuations in plant air pressure will not affect vacuum pump performance.
• Multi-stage pump modules for fast evacuation and greater efficiency.
• Integrated solenoid valves eliminate extra plumbing. Low power 24V DC 1.3W Coils are employed to reduce loads on PLC controllers.
• Choose from solenoid controlled blow-off with adjustable flow control.
• Integrated solenoid controlled blow-off with adjustable flow control.
• Automatic blow-off module for single-input control.
• Choose from four different vacuum switches for system monitoring.
• Replaceable vacuum filters.
• Manifold versions with 1-10 stations and choice of common or separate air supply to all stations plus control and sensing options.
• Manifolds include piped exhaust. Exhaust silencer(s) are optional.
• High-quality finish includes anodizing or electroless nickel plating, stainless steel fasteners and tie-rods plus glass-reinforced PPS pump modules and valve plate.
• Choose from many standard EDCO pump bases or select the "Z" zero base option for integration into your custom design.
• AX Pumps come fully factory-assembled and ready for installation.

Pump Styles