CD-500H Air Amplifier

CD-style pumps use the Coanda effect to draw in large volumes of ambient air in relation to the small amount of compressed air consumed. Applications include blow-drying, ventilation and handling highly porous but lightweight parts.


The Coanda principle employs a nozzle that causes high velocity compressed air to cling to its shaped airfoil wall. Ambient air is drawn into the inlet and down into the center of the vortext formed by the Coanda nozzle so that the discharge air flow at the exhaust is much greater than the compressed air consumption.

Loosen the jam nut and turn the Coanda nozzle clockwise, by hand, until it stops, indicating the throat is fully closed. Supply regulated compressed air to the side air supply port and gradually rotate the Coanda nozzle to increase the throat gap until the desired vacuum level or discharge flow is achieved. To minimize air consumption, use the lowest pressure air supply that will yield the desired results. Higher air pressure will increase the airflow but will also increase air consumption. Turning the Coanda nozzle too far open will suddenly cause flow to reverse direction and the pump will not perform properly.