About Us

EDCO USA has more control options than any other vacuum pump line in the world and can provide custom solutions to problems you have through simple modifications to our existing products.

Quality, Performance and Value

EDCO offers compact and innovative solutions for the industrial vacuum-holding market and manufactures high quality vacuum products using only rugged materials that are suitable for industrial service. EDCO vacuum pumps include anodized aluminum bodies, stainless steel valve plates, brass ejector nozzles and stainless steel fasteners at a price substancially less than our competitors' plastic-component pumps.

EDCO is the industry leader in vacuum technology and we can provide engineered solutions to vacuum system problems with our patented Flow Sensor Valves, Tri-Flow Valves, Dual-Flow Valves and energy conserving vacuum pump controls. Our modular pump design allows field expansion / conversion of pump capacity and can be easily disassembled for cleaning or replacement of parts such as seals or ejector modules. Our focus on new product development is unceasing.

Our optimized, two-stage air powered vacuum pumps incorporate extra-large valves to improve performance over our competitors' two, three and four stage vacuum pumps within industrial vacuum system ranges. To make your design process simpler, EDCO integrated pump control options and system accessories provide the widest product variety available from any manufacturer.

High quality, better performance, fast delivery and lower prices means VALUE by anyone's definition. Our business structure doesn't require layers of management nor other expensive overhead and that translates to lower prices. We market our products through a network of fluid power distributors so knowledgable sales engineers can provide prompt local support for your design projects and at the same time offer OEM pricing that is as good as factory direct.

Have it your way!

EDCO vacuum pump bodies are machined from aircraft grade aluminum billet and while we have included extra air pressure and vacuum ports as well as twelve tapped holes and four through holes for mounting versatility, you may need something different. Our flexible modular construction allows customization to suit your specific OEM requirements.

We continually develop new products and customized designs that may not appear in our catalog. Give us a call if you don't find what you are looking for. We may already have a solution for you.

Please feel free to contact your local EDCO distributor for assistance with any vacuum component or system. While we prefer having our distributor involved from the start, give us a call if you need immediate assistance and we will then have our distributor follow up.

The specifications on this website are believed to be accurate and reliable. However, it is the responsibility of the purchaser / user to determine the suitability of EDCO USA's products for specific use and to apply those products safely. EDCO USA products are warranted to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase. While products found by EDCO USA to be defective will be replaced, no liability is assumed beyond such replacement and there are no other warranties of any sort expressed or implied. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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